At Kappa Dental Group, we would like you to have a relaxing and comfortable experience while we are addressing your dental needs. Therefore, every space in our office is designed with the comfort, privacy, and well-being of our patients in mind.

Our clinic follows the latest safety and infection control requirements, and our sterilization center and dental equipment are of the highest standard. Our materials are non-toxic and we apply all the necessary updates to assure the best outcome for every procedure we perform.

In respect to a fast-evolving world, we incorporate in our practice all of the technological advancements that will make our care more accurate and efficient. Our latest asset is Cone Beam Imaging, which has radically transformed the way we as dentists can gather, interpret and use information.

Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography is a diagnostic imaging technology able to produce three-dimensional images that can be manipulated by sophisticated computer software for a wide variety of applications. The cone beam images are hundreds of “slices” of information gathered and assembled into 3-D planes, each of which allows for interaction and manipulation. The diagnostician has the ability to specify which section of his or her study will be visualized in each plane. The presence of this diagnostic tool allows us to approach and treatment plan clinical cases that would have been far more challenging with  2-D images.

Cone Beam Imaging is applied in Implant treatment planning for optimal surgical placement, in Periodontics and Endodontics to diagnose the etiology and extent of the pathology, in Orthodontics to access developmental progress, in teeth extractions to visualize proximity of 3rd molars to the mandibular nerve and in many other cases for diagnostic purposes.

This 3-D imaging has undeniably raised the bar and redefined the standard of care in many areas of dental practice.

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